Other Services we Offer


Integrated Innovations offers cabling services that are clean and efficient. We aim for clean installs, and focus on essential details to achieve this.

Our company will run any cable less than 24 volts AC or DC,  such as those which are used for any form of
communications transfer, including:

  • Installations of accepted cables (co-axial, CAT-5e, stranded, twisted-pair, phone, etc.)

  • Terminations of all low-voltage cabling

  • Testing for all installations

100% accuracy is our goal. To attain this goal, we will thoroughly test all installations, and all testing will be documented in a report at the conclusion of each project to verify accuracy.

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We can provide you with a fully-functional network solution to accommodate any requirements. Whether it be home or business networking, we can connect all computers in a clean, cost-efficient manner.

Installation includes:

  • Customized high-end computers (if required)

  • Ethernet connections in each office, bedroom, and living room (including other specified locations)

  • Setup of a firewall (for internet security), a high-speed internet connection, and e-mail

  • Integration with digital video surveillance for access to your video camera network (if required)

At Integrated Innovations, we can tailor-fit a network for your home or building that meets a wide variety of project specifications.

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